14. The Rest of the Sermon

The last part of the preacher’s message was what a person suffering from depression could do to manage the condition. The first one he gave is one that was critical to me.

One way of recovering from depression is to have something meaningful to do. For me it was writing Too Late in the Afternoon: One Man’s Triumph Over Depression. It took me two years. Now I have moved into a new stage of meaningfulness in my life – helping others with depression and those who interact with them to find triumph over depression, and this blog is a big part of my ministry. I have also written a second book that is now being shopped out for a publisher and am about to embark on a third novel. What caused me to become depressed in the first place is that I had lost the meaning to my life. It took me a couple of years to find a new meaning, not to try to re-establish the old meaning.

The preacher ended with two sets of challenges:  

*Let’s review God’s solution

  1. A good meal and a good rest
  2. Opportunity to vent your feelings openly before God
  3. Have a meaningful daily task
  4. Have a friend who walks with you
  5. It’s always darkest before the dawn…and the dawn always breaks forth

Second Set of Challenges

  1. Keep on trusting Him, even when it is difficult to do so
  2. Keep on praying, even when it seems to be a futile effort
  3. God will see you through the darkness and bring you into the light

When I started my depression, I would have shaken my head at these challenges as impossible. The only thing I had before me was unrelenting depression. Slowly but surely God worked through me to make these challenges a reality for me, the end result being my triumph over depression. Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. If I could make it, you can make it, but it will take effort doing things you don’t want to do and finally trusting that the One who created the universe is Someone you can trust.

About Patrick Day

In 2010, I escaped from four long years of deep, dark depression. This blog shares lessons I learned from those years as depicted in my autobiography - How I Escaped from Depression - as well as other insights about depression and anxiety that only come from someone who has gone through it. When you have a heart attack, you become an expert in heart attacks. When you have diabetes, you become an expert in that condition. As such, I am an expert in depression, with a four-year experiential degree and graduate studies in how to live a life going forward that keeps the ever-lurking Depression at a healthy distance.
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1 Response to 14. The Rest of the Sermon

  1. Jack Harrold says:

    These things, as were those mentioned in the previous part of the service, are helpful for all of us to keep top of mind, whether depressed or not.

    Thank you, Patrick, for choosing this undertaking as a part of your ministry to the depressed.
    And for sharing the experienes that you’ve had with depression, and what you have taken away from them..

    Kudos for the life adjustment you mention. And for your efforts to assist others in finding their own. their own appropriate adjustments.

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