130. A Guardian Lie II

Looking at blog 128, you may think I now have it all squared away. Alas, that is not the case at all.

Through a series of events that have happened to me in the last month, I was drawn back into the guardian lie without even knowing it. The black cloud of depression was about to engulf me. I was not sleeping well, computer problems were frustrating me and making me anxious, I received a letter from an appeals court in New York naming me as a defendant in a law suit because someone pulled the name of my publishing company out of a hat and named me as a co-defendant. It was totally groundless, but I’d have to hire a lawyer to defend me. I was out of control and on my own.

But I didn’t see it until

I met with Bob, my kindred spirit and spiritual partner. Everyone should have a friend like Bob. As I covered everything that had been happening to me, including the sleepless nights, he asked me questions that led me back to identify the guardian lie of my life and the lie closely associated with it. I was out of control in so many areas of my life, and I was overwhelmed with the work I was not getting done.

Bob asked me the Theophostic question: “Who has been there with you?” Suddenly my mind opened up and I replied, “Aha, Jesus has been with me and I’ve been dealing with all these matters without Him.” I had been living out my guardian lie and was confronted with the truth of the matter. I turned all my problems over to Jesus, and it was amazing what happened. I don’t know how, but He led me to solve my computer problems, as well as my other problems. And some other problems became insignificant as He emerged again as the center of my life. Finally, he blessed me with restful sleep, and the black cloud retreated to a far corner of the sky.

About Patrick Day

triumphoverdepression.org This blog is my ministry to support those who are depressed, in gratefulness for my having overcome major depression. Read "About Patrick Day" just to the right of "home" on the top of the blog site to find out more particulars about me. I retired from a career in higher education, where I served as Dean of Instruction, and promptly moved into a life of purposelessness and despair for five years, finally coming out on the other side. I am now an author, a business and life coach, a writer of this blog, and a volunteer for various organizations. What I write about in this blog is not hypothetical comments on depression. I have been there, felt the horrible pain, had my life disrupted, and experienced everything that I write about. I pray that I may be a blessing to you.
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One Response to 130. A Guardian Lie II

  1. Robert Farquhar says:

    I sure like to read about the SON shining through the dark clouds.

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