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177. Models of Living with Depression

I belong to a group called Depression and Bipolar Advantage on LinkedIn. Some time back, I posed a question: “When you think of depression, what people to you are models of living with depression and being productive?” Here is a … Continue reading

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176. The 80/80 Strategy Continued

The idea of feeling 80 percent of normal 80 percent of the time is not something attractive to people who experience mild to moderate depression and perhaps a bout of serious depression now and again. But if you’re someone who … Continue reading

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175. The 80/80 Strategy

There are unfortunate souls who spend their lives on a roller coaster of emotions – sometimes normal, sometimes almost so, sometimes in the dumps, and sometimes in deep depression. Medication of any sort seems to hold little relief. I recently … Continue reading

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174. Stops and Starts

An entry from my journal on February 1, 2007, one week after I had changed psychiatrists and was meeting almost daily with a psychotherapist. “This depression is worse than anything I had thought. My thinking is so distorted, I don’t … Continue reading

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173. Yet there was hope!

An entry from my journal of January 25, 2007. “The depression is unrelenting and deep. Last night I slept for five hours at the most. I’m getting worse each day. This is the tenth medication I’ve been on…I am in … Continue reading

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172. A Solid Rock

Many people have asked me how I came out of five years of major depression. As I look back, it was a simple path I could have traveled in a much shorter time if I knew then what I know … Continue reading

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By Stanley Popovich Almost everybody worries about what will happen in the future. The prospect of not knowing if something good or bad will happen to you in the near future can produce a lot of fear and anxiety. As … Continue reading

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