175. The 80/80 Strategy

depressed personThere are unfortunate souls who spend their lives on a roller coaster of emotions – sometimes normal, sometimes almost so, sometimes in the dumps, and sometimes in deep depression. Medication of any sort seems to hold little relief.

I recently ran across a book entitled Understanding Depression by Dr. Raymond DePaulo Jr. in which he says 20 percent of his patients are difficult to treat and uses the term treatment-resistant to describe them. For these patients, he does not hold out much hope of their triumphing over depression. Instead he works with them to achieve the goal of 80% improvement for  80% of the time.

I have a slight variation of his goal for those I coach with treatment-resistant depression – and that is for them to feel 80% of normal 80% of the time. If that can be accomplished, their treatment is successful.

More on this theme in the next blog.

About Patrick Day

triumphoverdepression.org This blog is my ministry to support those who are depressed, in gratefulness for my having overcome major depression. Read "About Patrick Day" just to the right of "home" on the top of the blog site to find out more particulars about me. I retired from a career in higher education, where I served as Dean of Instruction, and promptly moved into a life of purposelessness and despair for five years, finally coming out on the other side. I am now an author, a business and life coach, a writer of this blog, and a volunteer for various organizations. What I write about in this blog is not hypothetical comments on depression. I have been there, felt the horrible pain, had my life disrupted, and experienced everything that I write about. I pray that I may be a blessing to you.
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2 Responses to 175. The 80/80 Strategy

  1. jenowenby says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I really and trully appreciate you and your blog. I find that every post has something valuable. Thank you for taking the time to share.

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