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203. The Citadels of Stress

I was reading an article called Stress and Your Health on a site called and found interesting information on the most likely places and situations that embrace stress like no other. The number one cause of stress is your … Continue reading

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202. God’s Purpose for You

Are you feeling hopeless, searching for meaning and purpose in your life? Take heart with the Apostle Paul’s message in 1 Corinthians 12:14-30. No matter your station in life, God has a purpose for you. You do not have to … Continue reading

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201. More Reality

When I was in the clutches of profound depression, I believed that every detail of my life was driving me deeper into the pit. I couldn’t sleep, I had no appetite, my body ached, and I was so on edge … Continue reading

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200. Reality

Reality is not what happens to you. It’s what you think happens to you. If you change the way you think, it can make a profound difference in your outlook on life. For example, when I was deep in depression … Continue reading

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199. The Rest of the Story

Bob’s stress test story related in the previous blog adds another dimension to the stress bucket concept. In addition to avoiding too many high-stress situations at one time, it is also possible to diminish the level of intensity for high-stress … Continue reading

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198. Bob’s Stress Test

The other day my friend Bob was telling me of a year in his life that was filled with an incredible set of high-stress circumstances that measured 18 on a stress chart of 20 points possible, an area marked in … Continue reading

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197. Expectations

What expectations do you have for yourself? If you set the bar too high, you are vulnerable to disappointments and unhappiness…followed by frustration, anxiety, and stress.   Let me give you an extreme but actual example. When I was attending college … Continue reading

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