201. More Reality

When I was in the clutches of profound depression, I believed that every detail of my life was driving me deeper into the pit. I couldn’t sleep, I had no appetite, my body ached, and I was so on edge that everyone around me was affected by my razor-thin emotions. In short, my reality was that I was hopelessly depressed and there was nothing on the horizon that would alter that fact.

Then I thought back to that time in 1975 when God intervened in my life (see previous blog), and I was able to see that if He hadn’t, I would have most likely committed suicide. And given that I was not at that time a believer, I was headed to an unpleasant destination for eternity. In one moment in time, He saved me both physically and spiritually. Seven years after that time I invited Jesus into my heart and received his forgiveness and saving grace.

When I meditated on that scene, I came to realize that nothing more could harm me. I was as good as dead and had been given a new lease on life. More and more the thought gained strength in my mind that nothing that happened to me mattered any longer, for I was Christ’s and He was mine. With this new reality, the depression dissipated until today it is a cloud in the sky far away from me. And things don’t bother me the way they used to.  That’s my new reality.

About Patrick Day

triumphoverdepression.org This blog is my ministry to support those who are depressed, in gratefulness for my having overcome major depression. Read "About Patrick Day" just to the right of "home" on the top of the blog site to find out more particulars about me. I retired from a career in higher education, where I served as Dean of Instruction, and promptly moved into a life of purposelessness and despair for five years, finally coming out on the other side. I am now an author, a business and life coach, a writer of this blog, and a volunteer for various organizations. What I write about in this blog is not hypothetical comments on depression. I have been there, felt the horrible pain, had my life disrupted, and experienced everything that I write about. I pray that I may be a blessing to you.
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