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212. The Serenity Prayer

This is probably not an unfamiliar prayer to many of you. I’m posting it on my site to ask you to read it with more than a cursory glance. There is great wisdom in it for those of you who … Continue reading

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211. The Magnificence of Music

This past Sunday morning I awoke with a case of the blahs, not really depressed or anxious, but just flat. That all changed because of the magnificence of music. The praise and worship music at the church service I attended … Continue reading

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210. Trust in God

Now is the time to determine where your trust is. Do you look forward to a life of ease with a good job, all the money you need, and good health? O, foolish ones, these things can turn on a … Continue reading

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209. The Great “Yes”

Those of us who have lived with fears, anxiety, and depression are well aware of all the “no” circumstances and situations in life. “No, you will never get another job.” “No, you will never escape this depression.” “No, your anxiety … Continue reading

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208. Taken to Task

This is what I wrote in my last blog. “If such fears threaten to drive you into depression, shout “Stop!’ as loud as you can, shutting the door of your soul to fear and putting boundaries around it.” My brother … Continue reading

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207. Put Boundaries on Fear

Fear is the ultimate condition that emboldens the lies of the world and the darkness within our souls. “I’m all alone and there is no one to help me.” “This upcoming terrible thing will put me under, and there is … Continue reading

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206. Say “No!” to the Surface You

The previous blog talked of being The Inward Person. How can that be done? You have a body that is on the surface. You have a mind, will, and emotions that are below the surface but are not the deepest … Continue reading

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