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229. On Vacation

I’ll be at the Gettysburg Battlefield and surrounding area all next week, a trip on my bucket list. Tune back on October 8 for my next posting. Perhaps it will be something about Gettysburg.

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228. The Antidote for Depression

King David was a man after God’s own heart. He also was a man who suffered from acute depression. Take a look at these verses from Psalm 31 that show the depths to which David descended. Be merciful to me, … Continue reading

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227. Freedom in Christ

If I am His, He is my master. If He is my master, I can trust Him with everything. If I can trust Him with everything, I am secure. If I am secure, nothing can harm me. If nothing can … Continue reading

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226. The Lesson of Depression

I believe I fell into depression because it runs in our family and because I invited two major stress situations into my life at the same time. It was not visited on me by God, but He did allow it … Continue reading

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225. God’s Classroom

The world is God’s classroom, and we are all students in it. Much of the curricula is assigned by default – the circumstances we are born into, the mistakes of our own making, the troubles and afflictions inherent in a … Continue reading

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224. What if Antidepressants Don’t Work?

Medication is often the first line of defense for someone afflicted with depression. However, medication doesn’t work for everyone. Dr. Syras Derksen, a Winnipeg Psychologist, revealed that a new piece of research tested whether therapy will work where medication failed. … Continue reading

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223. September 10

It is my birthday today, and I must quote a phrase so trite that it has largely disappeared from the vocabulary of most of us. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” What glorious news! The … Continue reading

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