249. An Antidote for Drifting Away

“We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.” (Hebrews 2:1)

This verse is crucially important  in our spiritual walk but is important also in our natural walk. For example, a psychotherapist finally convinces us to change our thinking about a traumatic past event…and we do so for six months and are almost free of depression – but then we drift away and relive that event over and over again…and we fall back into depression.

Here’s an antidote to drifting away. Record what you and your therapist discovered in a journal, as completely as your memory allows, the same day if possible. Then look at that entry every few days, writing additional thoughts about the session and how you can profit from it. Make commitments to change your thinking. Do research to add depth to the discovery. You won’t drift back into a life of lies if you keep reminding yourself of the truth. It’s not one realization and it’s over. You need to keep working at it, kind of like putting together a puzzle until the whole picture is there.

About Patrick Day

triumphoverdepression.org This blog is my ministry to support those who are depressed, in gratefulness for my having overcome major depression. Read "About Patrick Day" just to the right of "home" on the top of the blog site to find out more particulars about me. I retired from a career in higher education, where I served as Dean of Instruction, and promptly moved into a life of purposelessness and despair for five years, finally coming out on the other side. I am now an author, a business and life coach, a writer of this blog, and a volunteer for various organizations. What I write about in this blog is not hypothetical comments on depression. I have been there, felt the horrible pain, had my life disrupted, and experienced everything that I write about. I pray that I may be a blessing to you.
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