295. Unforgiveness


A wonderful source of depression is unforgiveness. Anxiety and stress are byproducts of unforgiveness, and these are two of the major ingredients of depression and other dark places.

Jesus tells His disciples in Matthew 18: 21 & 22 that they are to forgive those who sin against them seventy-seven times. In the Lord’s prayer He tells us to forgive those who trespass against us. My concordance cites 143 recordings of the word forgive and its derivatives.

I had a client in my depression ministry who was unable to forgive her mother, the aunt who raised her, and three other family members. Even when I asked her why God would forgive her sins if she did not forgive others, she still would not forgive. She rid herself of the worst ravages of depression by electroconvulsive therapy, but a low-level depression remained, and a joyless life.


About Patrick Day

triumphoverdepression.org This blog is my ministry to support those who are depressed, in gratefulness for my having overcome major depression. Read "About Patrick Day" just to the right of "home" on the top of the blog site to find out more particulars about me. I retired from a career in higher education, where I served as Dean of Instruction, and promptly moved into a life of purposelessness and despair for five years, finally coming out on the other side. I am now an author, a business and life coach, a writer of this blog, and a volunteer for various organizations. What I write about in this blog is not hypothetical comments on depression. I have been there, felt the horrible pain, had my life disrupted, and experienced everything that I write about. I pray that I may be a blessing to you.
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One Response to 295. Unforgiveness

  1. Robert Farquhar says:

    I am not a mental health professional; however, it seems to me that character issues of unforgiveness, unthankfulness and pride may be in some manner connected to some elements of depression.

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