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310. Depression is Complex

Many people have a tendency to simplify things and put them in neat little boxes, and the more complex something is the more likely they are do so. Take depression for example. Isn’t it an emotional condition for folks who … Continue reading

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315. An Invisible Illness Can Be Hard to Understand

There are no handicap parking stickers for people with depression, no leg braces or casts, no crutches or wheelchairs. It’s an invisible illness. The symptoms can be observed but some suggestions to overcome depression can be as patronizing as telling … Continue reading

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314. More Depression in the World Today

The rate of antidepressant use in the United States rose by 400 percent between 1988 and 2008, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Here are some reasons why: There is much more awareness these days of mental illnesses. … Continue reading

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290. The Greyness of Depression

It was a grey, windy, cold day last Friday as I looked out my den window. Depression is like that. I recall when I was in major depression that my mind was a grey fog of confusion, battered by strong … Continue reading

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285. A State of Being

Many people who have never been depressed think it is a condition of the mind. It is not. Major depression is a state of being that crushes the will, buries the emotions in a grave, and permeates the mind with … Continue reading

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268. Oswald Chambers

–          from My Utmost for His Highest, February 17 entry “Depression is apt to turn us away from the ordinary commonplace things of God’s creation, but whenever God comes, the inspiration is to do the most natural simple things – … Continue reading

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258. Five Things Not to Say to Someone Who is Depressed

“Don’t worry. We all get depressed some time or another.”  That’s like telling someone with diabetes that everyone has diabetes some time or another. Depression is not just having a blue day. It is a condition that cripples the emotions, … Continue reading

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